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I’m Only 17 (Penn’s Landing Saga) by Miles Boyd

Miles Boyd I'm Only 17After a while your luck runs out….you can’t control the cocaine trade in an entire section of a major metropolitan city without making law enforcement your permanent enemies. The Elijah-Amin’s have seen better times in South Philly, the death of Nyemah’s father brought the end of their real glory days and it seems that her Uncle’s passing is just the last nail in the proverbial coffin.
Or so you would think…..No matter who was in charge, Baseem or Basil Elijah the real head of the organization has been Brian Jackson for the better part of two decades and he is in no way shape or form ready to lie down. When he least expected it theopportunity to seize political control on the entire east coast presented itself, in the form of a 12 year old named Kareemah.
Fast forward five years….dozens on top of dozens of murders, almost a billion dollars in bribes, politician’s, lawyers, and judges all under Brian’s “umbrella” and that’s just what’s supposed to be the legal side of the organization. Nyemah, has surpassed both her Uncle and Father, sitting atop of her thrown she not only has complete control of Philadelphia, but is the fourth largest cocaine trafficker on the east coast, bringing in a whopping 200 kilograms of pure Colombian cocaine a month, stepped on and divided into 1000 keys all under her watch, not to mention “she’s crazy as bat shit”.
Their savior Kareemah has blossomed into a smart, funny and responsible young woman and she has to be, seeing how she takes care of her Sister and Grandma, but best of all she will be graduating soon…however not all is well for long, soon a relative from her past will return and evil is what he brings to her door…she also falls in love for the first time then has her heart broken for the first time, but along with that comes a reminder she will have forever…
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