Cold Embrace By Ricardo Wilson

Cold Embrace By Ricardo WilsonThe story is a work of fiction describing the life of these five main characters; Grady, Noel, Jayson, Mark, and Angel. From high school up to the fast-paced bumpy ride of adult-hood these individuals experience different stages in their relationships; Love triangles, greed, lust, love, heartbreak, deception, desire, loyalty, envy, hate, and even sacrifice.

Taking place in the urban City of Maff and the Island of Jamaica, we see how their environment shaped each character separately. Young and misguided in this modern generation where secular codes of conduct and vainly created street philosophy rule their thoughts and behaviors, as the four friends grow, decisions are made that changed not only their friendship and other links but their lives in general.

By the story’s conclusion, one can see and hopefully learn how the law of karma can be a curse for the simple-minded. As suspense increases through the novel, Cold Embrace shows a great example of how youth and adults alike trap themselves by impulsive actions with the intention to escape from their created hole while not realizing that they are unconsciously digging a deeper one.

As the author explains, his book contains a myriad of life lessons for readers of all ages and backgrounds.

“Parents and grandparents will be reminded of their own childhoods, or the struggles they faced while rearing their own children. This in itself is already empowering families to develop more positive interactions and foster greater compassion,” says Wilson.

Continuing, “Teenagers will acquire a better understanding of why it is so important to stay true not only to their selves but to one another, and that the reward of such dedication is of a greater magnitude than any payment a traitor will ever receive. My story also demonstrates how greed and the love of money will inevitably lead a pleasant life to ruins.”

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