The Forbidden Culture by Ugmo Thomas

The Forbidden Culture by Ugmo ThomasIn a county jail in the late-sixties, a drug-addict meets a dominating guy who persuades the addict in taking a case with the promise that his girlfriend will send him money and he’ll be the first resident worker in a drug rehab that he, his girlfriend, and a friend of theirs partially own and operate.

At the rehab, unbeknownst to the now ex-addict, the threesome, and another new associate, have been committing many atrocities over a thirty year period. But when one of their female social worker-counselors disappears, the ex-addict, who befriended the social worker-counselor when she began working there, summons her brother, who is a private investigator.

While searching for his sister, the private investigator captures and interrogates the foursome and discovers the atrocities; and he tells the ex-addict about the crimes. A couple of years later, the ex-addict turns himself in and tells the authorities about the atrocities.

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