Murda Mitten by Renita M. Walker

Murda Mitten by Renita M. WalkerFrom the hard hitting anthology Bitch I’m From the D, the highly anticipated story of Bo in Murda Mitten continues… Bonita was willing to do whatever it took to get out of the murderous city of Detroit. Witnessing her parents and best friend Krystal become a statistic in the Murda Mitten gave birth to her alter ego Bo and made her even more determined to relocate and start a new life. While shuffling the three men in her life and a dangerous new profession, Bo refused to let anyone get too close to her. Her goal was to stack a million and leave the city and all her ghosts behind. But is it possible to make a clean get-a-way when you’re deep in the crime-ridden streets of Detroit? Or will the Murda Mitten always claim its victim?

Get Murda Mitten and more urban fiction by Renita M. Walker.

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