HOE-ZETTA by Vincent “V.I.” Warren

Hoe-ZettaHoe-Zetta is the violent off the hook, remorseless, tale of two sexually charged females from the Bronx, NY. Hoe-Zetta was born to a black prostitute mother and a rich white trick father. When her mother Rosette commits suicide, Hoe-Zetta is left all alone in the world. Since her father is unaware of his mulatto infant daughter, Hoe-Zetta is sent off to a group home. Hoe-Zetta finds a best friend in Shanta who also lives at the group home. Together the two burn up Interstate 95 like they were born to be in the game.

Go inside the minds of these two teen-agers who are headed down the wrong path, but determined to succeed by whatever means necessary. This book is unlike anything you have read.

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