Corey “Cee” Banks wasn’t the average ghetto superstar: Unlike some of the other hustlers out there puttin’ in work, he was satisfied with how his life of grindin’ had turned out. He was kind and fair in the streets and a loving man in his home. Everyone in the hood respected him. Then someone crossed the line and Cee learned the hard way that it sometimes might be better to be feared than to be respected.

When Cee’s girlfriend, Keisha, gets killed in a botched robbery attempt, he realizes his kindness was being misconstrued for weakness. One unexpected tragedy leads to another as Cee’s life is turned upside down in a matter of days.

With his mind made up to keep it moving, leaving his past behind, Cee sets out to make his last few moves, and in the process, fight the battle between deciphering whether those he encounters are Friend or Foe.

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