Young, Rich and Dangerous by Jimmy Da Saint

Young, Rich and Dangerous by Jimmy Da SaintCorey and his best friend Max are two members, of a ruthless gang of street criminals that calls themselves Y.R.D. (Young, Rich and Dangerous). Their small criminal organization is responsible for a sting of bank robberies, drug dealing, extortion and murder. The leader of YRD is Devon Smith, a crooked Philadelphia Police Officer with a violent attitude and lots of dark secrets. He is man that’s respected by few, but feared by many. After the early robbery of the Philadelphia National Bank, and the brutal murders of two innocent bank employees, the YRD crew escapes with their biggest score ever, over one million dollars in unmarked cash. Detective Frank Miller, is a tough Philly cop with a hardworking reputation. Now he’s assigned to the biggest case of his life; finding his wife’s killer. (One of the victims inside the PNB robbery). Frank is now on a personal mission to uncover clues and secrets, he’s also exposing the shadows that lurk in the darkness. Finding out that this case is so much bigger than anything he could ever imagine.

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