WIFEBEATER by Mister Mann Frisby

WIFEBEATER by Mister Mann FrisbyBLINKING RED LIGHT was the debut of an explosive natural-born talent who set it off on the first page and never let up. Now, Mister Mann Frisby drives the urban thriller in a graphic new direction as three players cross tracks on the night streets of Philly.

It goes like this: Sticks is a struggling single dad doing everything he can to dodge any slipup that could give his ex-wife custody of their daughter. He needs money to make it real. Then he stumbles on a bootleg video of a rap star with a solid rep caught on tape doing something that could end his career. Sticks in convinced that it’s the get-rich scam he needs: Blackmail the punk. But one of his friends has another agenda, the rapper isn’t in the mood to play, and the word on the street is Sticks is a dead man. A nightmare of stunning reversals and violent twists of fate, WIFEBEATER is a thriller all right, but you’ve never read anything like it. Now, there’s no turning back.

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