Sunshine Through Darkness by Tonetta Chester

Sunshine Through Darkness by Tonetta ChesterSix months ago, Jerri Hopkin’s death was ruled a suicide. Now, the case has been reopened and Neshela Jones is accused of his murder. As Neshela tries to piece together the story of what happened on the morning of October 30, 2006, she falls into the arms of Green Eyes, one of Jerri’s associates.

After Green Eyes sends an unexpected message to Neshela introducing himself, she starts a friendship with Jerri’s associates, a man that Neshela never knew about. Initially bonding over Jerri’s sudden death, the two begin a romance that reminds Neshela of her life before tragedy. Still heartbroken over Jerri’s death, Neshela looks for comfort in the arms of Green Eyes, a considerate, supportive, and kind man— a man she never thought she would fall for.

Meanwhile, Neshela is still partying with the NJ Boys, her closest friends that supported her through her darkest days. But after a shocking betrayal, she forever cuts ties with Mimi and Quan, two of her most trusted friends. Separated from the NJ Boys, Neshela is on her own trying to dodge accusations and find the truth amidst lies.

As more of the story about Jerri’s death begins to unravel, Neshela finds herself doubting who she can trust, who she can turn to, and who is trying to frame her for the murder of her lover, Jerri O. Hopkins.

Will Neshela finally see justice and find peace after the death of her true love?

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