BURN by Black Artemis

BURN by Black ArtemisStreet hustler turned Bronx bond agent Jasmine Reyes is all about second chances, and she’s given one to imprisoned Macho Booker. A talented graffiti artist, Macho reminds Jasmine of her twin brother, Jason, known and respected as “REY2” until his unexpected suicide on Rikers Island.

But when bail is posted and Macho vanishes, Jasmine feels burned and goes on a mission to capture her man. The deeper Jasmine delves into Macho’s world, however, the more secrets she uncovers. Deadly secrets that Macho’s employer, Dr. Adriano Suarez – a Robin Hood with a dark streak – wants kept. When Suarez conjures up demons from Jasmine’s own tragic past, she is confronted with the biggest risk of her life.

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