Black Scarface by Jimmy DaSaint and Freeway Rick Ross

Black Scarface by Jimmy DaSaint and Freeway Rick RossAt just eight years old, Norman Face Smith Jr. knew exactly what he wanted to be once he grew up; a man of power, wealth and respect. Being raised by his beautiful, overprotective mother Pamela, Face had set his eyes on all the finer things in life; Beautiful women, expensive cars and enough money to buy him the world on a platinum platter. By the age of 18, Face and his childhood best friend Reese were two precocious, young street thugs in search of a better life. They were determined to do whatever it took to survive the mean streets of Philly…Then one day their luck changed. Black Scarface is a powerful, realistic tale of money, power, respect, loyalty, love and a young man s journey to become a living legend, and one of the most notorious drug kingpins in U. S. history.

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Book 1: Black Scarface,
Book 2: Black Scarface II The Rise of an American Kingpin

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