WIVES AND GIRLFRIENDS by Nishawnda EllisDominic never imagined that betraying the vows he took for a night of lust, could lead to a lifetime full of pain. Wealthy Black prominent entrepreneur Dominic Jones’s livelihood rests on money, power, and women. His only downfall is that he enjoys splitting his time between married life and serial love affairs with his girlfriends.

Dominic’s wife, Donna, who suffers from depression, being overweight and the disciplinarian for their bratty, spoiled-rotten daughter, feels she has enough on her plate and is not ready to deal with the kind of man she married. Although Dominic proclaims to love his family, he’s very careless with the women in his life and is used to them falling in line. That is until he meets Tera Larou, a woman who makes a career of dating married men. She and Dominic share a lustful and erotic affair.

Breaking all of her rules, Tera falls in love with Dominic and demands he leave his family for her. Under no circumstances is Dominic willing to leave his family for any woman. Left with no other option, Tera plots to get rid of Donna and become Dominic’s wife. When Tera’s advances threaten the safety of Dominic’s family, a suspicious Donna is finally ready to do something about her cheating husband. Dominic has to act fast before he loses everything. Tera winds up brutally murdered and Dominic is the prime suspect. With his unfaithful ways out in the open and his ex-girlfriends death hanging over his head, Dominic soon realizes the consequences of living a double life.

Wives and Girlfriends is a seductive and suspenseful tale of lust, infidelity and murder, with a surprise twist at the end. Get ready to be entertained, as this story takes you through the life of a cheating ruthless husband and the women that love him.

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