Living under the same roof as man and wife is pure hell for Isaac and Cydney Conley. Isaac, a dirty cop and his grimey partner, Miguel, take on the streets of Saint Louis by extreme force stealing money from local dealers and fulfilling their manly needs with “ghetto girls.”

Cydney isn’t blind to husband blind to her husband’s adulteress ways but has skeletons of her own that need to stay buried. Living by the motto “Whatever you do, I can do better” almost brings her game to an end when she decides vengeance is best served sweet when she sleeps with Miguel.

Secretly conspiring to bring Isaac down shows Miguel’s playa-hating ways, when Cydney decides to give her marriage another try, and he’s not about to let that happen by no means. Personal gratification at his partner’s expense can be deadly as toxicity brews over when Isaac and Cydney fall into his scheme of events. The final outcome will be determined when they remember what is really important.

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