THE WOMANIZERS by Dwayne S. Joseph

Mike’s a bonafide ladies man. He’s smooth, sexy, and he’s got all the right moves to make women drop their drawers and do things that would earn a triple x rating. There’s just one problem – Mya. She knew what she was getting into when Mike asked her to be his, but she hoped that her love would be enough to change him. She was wrong.

Max is a music mogul in the making, and with Trina’s support, he’s bound to succeed. Of course that all depends on Sharon, the woman he’s seeing on the side when he wants a little “tune-up.” If that isn’t bad enough, Sharon just happens to be Trina’s mother. Add all of that together, and you’ve got a crazy ride heading towards a brick wall.

Ahmad is a born again virgin, only he can’t figure out why. No matter what he says or does, Shay refuses to be intimate with him. Ahmad’s tried everything to get some satisfaction, but nothing ever works. Could the relief he’s looking for lie in the arms of Mya?

For best friends, Mike, Max and Ahmad, the bonds of friendship, love and respect are put to the ultimate test as they’re forced to take a long, hard look at themselves and the women they love.

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