THE PEOPLE VS. CASHMERE by Karen WilliamsMeet the Pierce Family. Desmond Pierce is a hardworking Southern man determined to give his wife and daughters a good life in Compton, California. Sexy and seductive Pearla Pierce plays wifey and devoted mother only when her husband is home. Then there’s Carmen, their promiscuous seventeen-year-old daughter, who’s on a self-destructive path. Thirteen-year-old Cashmere struggles to hold her family together out of love for her father.

When tragedy hits home, Carmen and Cashmere find themselves orphaned and living with their hateful aunt. Stripping and selling drugs just to survive, Carmen allows a ruthless pimp named Black to turn her out. She drags Cashmere into that world against her will, forcing her to work for Black and prostitute herself for high-profile ballers.

Carmen’s jealousy rages out of control when she sees Black falling in love with her younger sister. She sets off a chain of events that land Cashmere in jail. Cashmere is left alone and broken, but still hopeful that there is some way she can be fixed, or someone who can save her.

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