Chunichi, Essence magazine bestselling author, is back and keepin’ it raw in her latest drama-filled novel, The Naked Truth. Chunichi wouldn’t dare return without the infamous Ceazia Devereaux (her dedicated fans won’t allow it), the street debutante who went from being just a gangster’s girl who got married to the game to now finding herself widowed – or so she thinks – from a lifestyle she once knew.

Making a much-needed move from Richmond, VA, where she leaves behind a grueling past that she hasn’t been held accountable for, Ceazia finds her way to Atlanta, GA. There she quickly discovers that there’s nothing sweeter than becoming a Georgia peach, to get what she wants. Ceazia sets up a chance encounter with Parlay, a big-name rapper, who, she believes, has just what it takes to allow her to retire from the game once and for all. For Ceazia, will the end justify the means?

Danielle, Ceazia’s arch-enemy, is close on her heels, making sure that Ceazia doesn’t run away from her past. And so Danielle follows her all the way to Atlanta, bound and determined to make her pay for past sins. But then she gets caught up in the very same web that she weaves. Will Danielle’s thirst for revenge against Ceazia take a back seat as someone sets out to destroy her own life?

This book, by far Chunichi’s best work to date, not only keeps readers entertained and on edge, but also forces them to do a double-take…to find The Naked Truth between the lies.

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