THE DOPEMAN’S WIFE by JaQuavis Coleman

THE DOPEMAN’S WIFE by JaQuavis ColemanNautica was raised by the streets and forced to grow up fast. The allure of the fast life pulled her into a world of scandal, schemes, and hustling. After Nautica comes up on a big scam and her biggest payday ever, she decides to move to the East Coast in search of a new beginning. What she thinks will be a new start turns out to be a nightmare.

She meets Manny, a well known druglord who is planning his exit from the streets. Manny is ready to settle down and marry the woman of his dreams. He sweeps Nautica off her feet and introduces her to the good life, promoting her from an ex-hood chick to the queen of the streets. But when the past comes back to the surface, it causes their whole world to fall to pieces. Nautica and Manny have skeletons in their closet that intertwine and cause a dilemma that turns them against each other,

This story takes you through the life of a dopeman’s wife and her fall from grace. Look through her eyes and prepare for a sexy, page-turning classic that has an ending so unpredictable, not even Nautica can see it coming.

Get the Series:

Book 1: The Dopeman’s Wife
Book 2: The Dopefiend
Book 3: Dopeman: Memoirs of a Snitch

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