THE CAKE MAN by Gregory Dixon

THE CAKE MAN by Gregory DixonChris King never thought he would have to hustle to make ends meet. His father, Big George, was one of Houston’s most notorious kingpins, and he made sure his family lived comfortably. Chris grew up with best of everything, and he assumed life would always be this easy.

But Big George should have taught his son a little more about the game. When Big George is arrested, the money stops coming in. In order to survive, Chris is forced into a world he’s never really known. Now Chris must learn how to keep his capital up, his turf secure, and his name feared – not an easy task for someone who never learned the rules of the streets.

Chris will have to rely on family and friends to help him as he struggles to make a name for himself on the streets of Houston. He’s gone from a spoiled kid to a hardworking hustler in a hurry, and it won’t be an easy ride.

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