That One Moment by Terese Lorae Smauldon

That One Moment by Terese Lorae SmauldonMeet four friends whose lives are on the verge of transformation. Are these women ready for all that is about to come their way?

Lia is smart, goal-oriented, sophisticated and confident – sometimes to the point of arrogance. When life throws her a curve ball in the form of a tragedy, Lia finally gains a new perspective and is ready to make some changes.

Rena is set to marry her longtime boyfriend, but when her relationship turns out to be something other than what she thought it was, Rena is forced to consider the idea that maybe what is “right” isn’t what’s best for her.

Jasmine has always wasted her talents. She just finds it easier to let her man do things for her. Will she be able to handle it when she meets a man who insists on knowing the real person, not just the pretty face?

Dee Dee has a great life, complete with a loving husband and child. If only their financial situation were better, then life would be perfect. When an ex-boyfriend – who just happens to be wealthy – enters the scene, Dee Dee must suddenly decide between love and money.

Laugh, cry, and cheer with these women as they support each other on their journey to experience That One Moment.

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