That One Moment 2 by Terese Lorae Smauldon

That One Moment 2 by Terese Lorae SmauldonWith a little help from my friends…

They thought they had been through it all in That One Moment. Now Jas, Lia, Dee Dee, and Rena are back with different issues and plenty of secrets in this powerful tale of obsession.

Asaji showed Jas what love was all about. Together they braved the critics as his rap career skyrocketed. But with her boyfriend always on the road, is Jas about to be replaced by his new female manager?

“Bougie” is Lia’s middle name. The Christian Dior diva has moved to Chicago after tying the knot with Ty. Perfect life. Perfect home. If she could just get rid of Ty’s mother, life would be wonderful.

A newly divorced mother of two, Dee Dee is keeping hope alive that she and Deron will reconcile. When Deron introduces her to his new girlfriend, Dee dee has to rethink her place.

Rena, a highly respected and beautiful professor, is still keeping secrets and living in lies. When one of her students discovers her secret and threaten to reveal it, things get complicated.

They have been through the fire, but somehow survived, and are now stronger than ever…or are they? These four ladies are about to find out

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Book 2: That One Moment 2

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