Taste of Lust by LeBlanc

Taste of Lust by LeBlancHave you ever craved something so bad that you would sell your soul to satisfy the hunger? This is the question being asked in this sinfully delightful book, Taste of Lust.

Kelly is a well-respected spiritual leader in her church and a dedicated volunteer in the community. As she prays every morning for health, love, and strength, she prays for something else – a man. Kelly wants the Lord to send her a husband that will fulfill her spiritually, emotionally… and sexually.

There was a time when Kelly wasn’t so saved – she was very, very naughty. In fact, she was a nymphomaniac. But as she got older, she learned that love never blossomed from her one night stands, so she refrained from the taste of lust. Now, she’s coming up on five years of celibacy, and it’s becoming more of a challenge every day.

While Kelly is trying to stay on the right path, the craving is almost too much to bear. Will she sell out everything she’s worked so hard for to get that taste back in her system?

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Books 1: Characters of Lust
Book 2: Taste of Lust

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