SOLDIER TO SOLDIER by Edd McNairWhen a military soldier dies, everyone feels the pain. When a street soldier dies, only those close to him mourn. But both soldiers have something in common: they fought for what they believed in.

Home from their final tour in Iraq, a team from the 82nd Airborne Division faces harsh realities: a broken relationship, the death of a child, and even the murder of one of their own. They quickly realize that whether you’re formally trained in the military or you graduated from the school of hard knocks, a solider is a soldier. Confident that their skills can be used on American soil to produce American dollars, these soldiers, armed with discipline, organization, and killer instincts get to work on the streets. What they didn’t expect was to encounter a militia of street soldiers who quickly teach them that on this battlefield, the game is played with an entirely different set of rules.

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