SOLA by Dakota Knight

A teenage girl should not know the power of her body. But Sola Nichols discovers her power and uses it as the foundation that transforms her into a notorious assassin.

Known on the streets as the Brown Recluse, her exploits garner the attention of Pierre-Henri Monchats, a dangerous and cunning drug kingpin. Monchats takes Sola under his wing, and she develops a reputation for killing with trademark efficiency. But Sola is tested when she is forced to kill an unidentified woman after assassinating one of her boss’s rivals.

The next morning, the hunter becomes the hunted. Sola escapes and seeks out the truth behind her last assassination, but she isn’t prepared for the shocking revelations – the true identities of the two people she killed the night before.

Sola soon discovers that her situation is grave, but she refuses to go down without a fight.

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