SNOW by Kenji Jasper


Life on the darker streets of D.C. can turn a clean kid grimy. Snow was one of those good kids – until a gang killed his next door neighbor and he decided to settle the score. But doing what he thought was right only plunged him deeper in a deadly game. Now he’s a killer for hire, a grown man who’s willing – and able – to do anything necessary to survive. But even a cold-blooded hit man has a heart…


When Snow falls in love and becomes a father, he’s more than willing than ever to do what it takes to support his woman and baby girl. But what that means for a hit man and what it means for a family man are two very different things. When the clash between his home life and his street life threatens to explode, Snow decides to make one last score to put his family on easy street, and get out of the game. But as much as he wants to break out, there’s someone just as dangerous and just as determined to keep Snow right where he is…

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