SINS OF THE FATHER by Felicia Madlock

Devoted, Caring, and Dedicated.
Those are the words that Sammie Jr. used to describe his father, Samuel “Street” Jamieson. His untimely death forces Sammie to move from the tranquility of suburban living to the noise and chaos of urban dwelling in the hard streets of Chicago. Sammie lost everything that he loved: parents, friends, and his way of living. How would he survive? And could he survive?

Player, Liar, and Deceiver.
Those are the words that Terrance and Malik would use to describe Samuel “Street” Jamieson. They never considered him their father. They did not grieve his untimely death; they mourned his departure years ago, when he walked out of their lives unannounced, leaving their mother heartbroken. Nadine sees the same poisonous charm in her sons as she saw in Street. a father’s absence is always present in the lives of his sons. Unsuppressed anger, hatred, and bitterness fester in Terrance and Malik. These emotions surface to a crescendo when they are faced with circumstances that threaten to shatter their world. Can they learn to forgive?

The path of survival will intersect the path of hate. Can they build a road of understanding?

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