PAPA DON’T PREACH by Thomas Long

On the streets of Baltimore it don’t get any more gangster than Nigel Hawkins.

Nigel Hawkins sold drugs, pimped women, committed strong arm robbery all in the name of chasing that ultimate high. Fresh off a ten-year bid, Nigel comes home a new man after he found religion. However, he is confronted by his past demons when he finds out that his son, JR., is spiraling down the same path of drug addiction and crime. Nigel’s newfound faith is tested by the shortcomings he uncovers is his minister and NA sponsor, Rev. Johnnie Mitchell.

Can Nigel’s love for his son save him from doom and destruction, or will the temptations of his past reel him back into the living hell that he escaped from? Papa Don’t Preach is a real life heartfelt drama about the underworld of drug addiction and Black male relationships that will pull at your emotional strings.

Thomas Long once again brings us another nonstop drama that will tug at the readers’ emotional chords and serve as a ray of hope for those afflicted by the perils of substance abuse in the inner cities of America.

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