Welcome to the premier, classy salon where you’ll find some of the baddest nail techs and make-up artists you’ll ever want to meet and never want to forget. At After Effex salon, before and after are never the same once you enter its doors.

Quianna (Yaya) throws caution to the wind and follows her heart, overlooking glitz and glam by standing by her blue-collar man. When tragedy strikes, will her love for him be strong enough to beat the odds with temptations from her past knocking at the door? Taryn has pinned over Lincoln for as long as she can remember but when he reciprocates, will she be able to overlook the potential baby mama drama lurking in the wind?

Turning down a free ride and following her dreams to become a make-up artist, Camille knows hands-on training and firsthand experiences will get her to the top of her game.

Join the cast of After Effex salon as they take you on another emotional, yet hilarious rollercoaster ride of friendships, love and heartache that life has to offer in between all of the drama.

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