NO MORE TEARS IN THE END by Roy GlennFollowing the death of Freeze, Mike Black and Bobby Ray are back in control of their organization. It seems like old times, but Black knows it’s time to get out of the game before he loses somebody else close to him. He hasn’t taken his eye off the man he believes arranged the murder of his wife. His sleepless nights can only end when everybody involved in her death suffers the same fate. Black reflects on the key events in his life and how those decisions have shaped and changed him, and he contemplates getting out of the game.

The police say that the death of Tatiana Phillips was just part of a robbery gone wrong, probably drug-related. End of story. Whether of not that’s true, the Phillips family still wants to know who killed her. As a favor to the family, Nick Simmons agrees to look into the senseless murder. His investigation leads him to Lorraine Robinson, a ride-or-die chick who’s involved in a little bit of everything… and it’s all bad.

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