NO MORE DRAMA by La Jill Hunt

La Jill Hunt is back with a vengeance in her sophomore novel, No More Drama, the scandalous sequel to her Essence bestselling novel Drama Queen. The title may be No More Drama, but the book has nothing but drama.

In Drama Queen we met Kayla Hopkins, a woman who just couldn’t win for losing. In No More Drama we revisit Kayla’s good friend Terrell Sims. He’s just turned his life around, got anew job, and the girl of his dreams. But when a problem he thought he had taken care of comes back to haunt him, he might just lose everything he’s worked so hard to gain.

Terrell’s brother is a recently reformed player who also met “the one”, but when he learns that she has just as many conquests as he does, can he really trust her with his heart? More importantly, can she trust him with hers? The answers lie within the hilarious pages of No More Drama.

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