NAUGHTY GIRLS by Alisha Yvonne

Ivy Lee Jones and Candy Cane are a couple of sexy girls gone wild. Though their first introduction came a bit premature due to a near fatal catastrophe, their next reunion was coerced and proved timely in a sense of friendship and loyalty thanks to Stormy Daniels, an East Memphis baller who generously funded their needs.

Ivy’s had her share of trouble with the law, and with Candy’s bad girl history, neither can afford to bring attention to themselves, especially not at the expense of a criminal-minded, Stormy Daniels. After he insists the girls be down with him and his high-rolling crew, Ivy and Candy become each other’s keeper and declare all-out war, trying to get from under Stormy’s grasp.

Just look up the meaning of fierce in the dictionary, and you’ll find a picture of both Ivy Lee Jones and Candy Cane with sinister smiles on their faces. Together they become a force to be reckoned with. From the Essence Bestselling Author of Lovin You is Wrong and I Don’t Wanna Be Right, comes a fast-paced narrative of drama, deceit, and redemption. Alisha Yvonne is back with more unforgettable characters in this tale of just how naughty girls can be.

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