NAUGHTY (Book One) by Brenda Hampton

NAUGHTY (Book One) by Brenda HamptonJaylin Jerome Rogers, an investment broker worth millions, lives a high class life with plenty of naughty women to share it. Nestled in his lavish home in Chesterfield, Missouri, he captures women with his wealth, charm, nine-plus inches of goodness, and stunning good looks. Although his bed is never empty, his heart is. He feels nothing for the women who love him dearly, and continues his search for the “perfect” one.

When Scorpio Valentino, an attractive, seductive and charming woman saunters into his view, she puts Jaylin through some changes – changes that may cause him to recognize his feelings for Nokea, another woman who has been putting up with him for nine long, rocky years.

Jaylin’s decision to “man up” might be too late, and even the idea of him possibly turning his player’s card doesn’t move Nokea. She’s already making plans to share her life with another man, and as they stand at the altar, Jaylin makes his heart-warming plea for her love. The question is will this naughty boy get what he wants?

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Book One: Naughty
Book Two: Naughty 2: My Way or the Highway
Book Three: Naughty 3: Change Don’t Always Come: It’s Juicy No Matter How You Slice It.

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