MIXED MESSAGES by LaTonya Y. Williams

On the surface Kailah Carter is a loyal and trusted friend, hardworking financial consultant, and devoted daughter.

At least that’s what her best friend, Mona Richards, always thought. That is until she discovers Kailah’s been sleeping with her man. Kailah believes Keith Terrence to be her Prince Charming. His smooth talk and fat bank account sweeps Kailah off her designer heels, and she happily assumes the role of respected wife. But when Kailah’s illegal business practices land him in prison, Kailah finds herself scrambling to save what’s left of her career and family. Will those she betrayed come to aid her now that the tables are turned?

When Mona meets Davis Simpson, she’s ready to abandon her somewhat promising career and life to have this man’s babies. problem is, Davis already has two teenage daughters, and his ex-wife is hell bent on reuniting her family. Is it worth leaving everything behind to take a chance on love?

Mixed Messages reveals how lies, betrayal, and deceit from those closest to us can threaten our very own lives. First time author, LaTonya Y. Williams, writes a true page turner that weaves romance, laughter, and disaster into one emotionally charged drama.

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