Ceazia Deveareux is a young exotic dancer and former girlfriend of the late Vegas Jackson, a once big time drug dealer who was killed at Ceazia’s hands. Having grown accustomed to the high-maintenance lifestyle Vegas use to afford her, Ceazia takes drastic measures in an attempt to sustain the luxuries she feels are hers and so rightfully deserves. the only problem with Ceazia’s thought process is that for every action there is a cause, and for every cause there is an effect. But, when you are Ceazia Dveareux, what you want, you aim to gain – even at the cost of a possible boomerang.

Snake, the brother of the late Vegas, visits this story with a vengeance for his brother’s death. Convinced Ceazia is responsible for the catastrophe, Snake patiently awaits the day he can execute his revenge. In the meantime, as Ceazia prances her sexy, hot-to-trot, and yet cunning appeal, Snake happens to have a fascination with strippers, so why not enjoy the worldly likes of her? If there is ever a lesson to be learned, it’s the old adage that every thing that looks good to you, isn’t good for you.

Ceazia only thought life was hard living as A Gangster’s Girl, but reality sets in as to how difficult survival can be as she learns she’s actually Married to the Game. Will Ceazia be able to set forth her street saavy ways in order to tread water? Don’t miss this astounding tale of sex, game, and revenge.

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