LOVING DASIA by Ana’Gia Wright

LOVING DASIA by Ana’Gia WrightStood up at the altar by the love of her life, Dasia Warrington contemplates her next move. Fed up with men and near depression, a chance meeting with a man in her honeymoon hotel is not exactly what she has in mind, but with very little money and no place to live, the offer of a roof over her head is hard to turn down.

Meeting the beautiful Dasia is a wake-up call to real estate tycoon Grimarious Guatreaux. Still reeling from a painful break-up – and hiding a dangerous family secret – G is wary of love. But something about Dasia makes him want to take a chance on a relationship once again.

As their romance blossoms and G moves Dasia into his mansion, things become complicated. G wants nothing more than to protect Dasia and make her happy, but now his secret life is a threat to them both. Dasia begins to investigate, and learns of her man’s risky double life. If both of them make it out alive, there just might be a chance at happily ever after

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