Livin’ Ain’t Easy by Peron Long

Livin’ Ain’t Easy by Peron LongDevlin Carter is a 32-year-old former schoolteacher whose development of a line of educational tools made him a very wealthy man. Unfortunately, the grandmother who raised him didn’t live long enough to see his success, and Leslie, his ex, didn’t wait around for it either. She married another man for his money, but now that she’s heard of Devlin’s good fortune she’s back, trying to rekindle their on-again, off-again relationship.

Simone Jackson is a 31-year-old local television talk show host whose show is on the verge of going national. Too bad her personal life isn’t going as well. She is at a crossroads, ready to make some changes to the lifestyle she has lived since college. She dreams of settling down with a nice man, but her ex-lover is determined to not let that happen.

When Devlin and Simone meet the day his best friend dies, she immediately becomes the friend he needs, and he becomes the dream she’s wished to have for years. As they form a bond, both are confronted with issues of overbearing, vindictive ex-lovers, as well as the surprising emergence of Devlin’s long-absent father. Will their problems rip them apart, or bring them closer together?

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