Fans of the Little Black Girl Lost series have become fascinated by the complex character pf Johnnie Wise. In this fourth installment of the series, author Keith Lee Johnson takes us all the way back to the beginning, to the root of Johnnie’s family tree…

In an African village, a beautiful 16-year-old girl is preparing to wed a much older man, but her heart belongs to his younger brother. Determined to be together, she and her young lover run away on the night before the arranged marriage is to take place. They have no idea that this is the last time they will ever see their families, their friends, or their beloved country.

Before they can consummate their relationship, they are captured and brought on board a Dutch slave ship headed for the Americas.

The young woman awakes in a new place, where she is given a new name. She is sold to a wealthy New Orleans plantation owner with some peculiar tastes. Will she find a way to be reunited with her lover, or discover that lust, lies, and murder are a new way of life to which she must adapt?

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