KEEPING SECRETS TELLING LIES by Nishawnda EllisShawniece Turner is about to marry the love of her life, Detective Mark Anderton. They met five years ago, when Mark was investigating the murder of Shaniece’s cousin. What he doesn’t know is that he put the wrong man behind bars – and he is engaged to the true killer!

Sixteen-year-old Dawson Jones was framed for the crime, but her father took the rap, unwilling to see his daughter go to jail. Dawson has no memory of the night, and is wracked with guilt over a murder she believes she truly committed – until her therapist helps her remember the truth.

Now that she knows what really happened the Tera Larou was killed, Dawson is going after Shaniece in a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse that will leave several more people murdered and many lives torn apart. In the end, will justice be served, or will Shaniece be allowed to continue keeping secrets and telling lies?

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