JUDGMENT DAY by Anya Nicole

JUDGMENT DAY by Anya NicoleYou can’t trust anyone – not even your best friend, Brandon and Chris are back, and their one-time brotherly friendship is now a thing of the past.

On the run for attempted murder, Chris is a man on a mission, and Brandon is the intended target. Chris will do anything to survive in the streets and get even with Brandon. Along his deadly quest for revenge, he unexpectedly faces his past and realizes what being a man is truly about. But will it be too late?

Brandon, now a married man, is still up to his old tricks. He loves women and money; it’s just that simple. But when he realizes that his wife, Mia, has a few tricks of her own, he soon discovers that she isn’t the person she made herself out to be. He sets out to find out who the real Mia is, and learns she’s a woman who’ll stop at nothing to seek revenge for his cheating ways.

Will Chris and Brandon resolve their differences? Or will each man pay on judgment day?

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Book 1: Corporate Corner Boys
Book 2: Judgment Day

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