IF YOUR GIRL ONLY KNEW by Dwayne S. Joseph

If Your Girl Only Knew is the story of David Cray and Jocelyn Alvarez – former lovers who run into each other in Philadelphia after not having seen each other for six years. Their breakup, caused by David’s inability to remain faithful, was a bad one. One that David always regretted, and one that left Jocelyn bitter. But like they say, time eventually heals all wounds, and after their “reunion”, it’s obvious to both that the feelings they assumed had been dead and buried, are still as strong as ever. But of course all things change with time. And within those six years apart, a lot has happened. David’s engagement to Janelle is one thing. Jocelyn’s marriage to Eric is another.

Dwayne S. Joseph spins another intense tale about two people refusing to let each other slip away, despite being involved and committed to other people.

What happens when former lovers meet? Nothing but drama!

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