GOING BROKE by Trista Russell

Sarai Emery loves her life. Enclosed in the luxurious penthouse-style apartment just minutes from the beach, Sarai drives a tricked-out S.U.V. and sports a Beyonce-worthy hair weave, but what Sarai prizes above all else is Damian Carter, the man who makes this whole overpriced lifestyle possible. Despite all the bling, Sarai is drowning in debt. Her job as a radio personality doesn’t come close to covering her student loans or her mounting credit card balances, not to mention the bills for her father’s nursing home care.

Sarai never realizes just how far beyond her means she is living until it’s too late. Faced with Damian’s string of infidelities, Sarai has no choice but to kick her man out, but when Damian leaves, so does his bank account. With bills due, cable disconnected, and the nursing home threatening to evict her father, Sarai can do little more than hope for a miracle.

When a sweet-talking stranger propositions her to do the unthinkable, Sarai feels she has little choice but to take the plunge into a world where the line that separates love and financial gain is blurred beyond recognition.
What Sarai never expects this late in the game is for salvation to walk in the door in the form of a man who shows her that true love has nothing to do with material things. Struggling to keep her other life a secret to this irresistible new man, Sarai feels herself coming undone, but a head-on collision between her separate worlds is fast approaching. In Going Broke, Trista Russell delivers a suspenseful, deliciously unpredictable portrait of one woman’s hard road to romantic redemption.

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