FLINT: THE FINALE (BOOK 7) by Treasure Hernandez

FLINT THE FINALE (BOOK 7) by Treasure HernandezHalleigh and Malek have been through more drama in their young lives than most people will ever see. The young lovers were headed for the good life, thanks to Malek’s skills on the basketball court. But fate sent them down a different path, and they were thrown into the the streets of Flint, forced to survive by any means necessary.

Drugs and prostitution nearly destroyed Halleigh, but she fought her way back from the brink and finally reunited with Malek. His position at the top of the drug game made him a target for jealous enemies, though, and soon the couple was ripped apart again. Malek had even more incentive to find Halleigh this time because she was carrying his seed.

Now their saga is coming to an end. Find out what happens to Halleigh and Malek in the final installment of the Flint series. Will these young lovers, separated over and over again, finally be able to live happily ever after, or will they be swallowed up by the streets?

Get the Series:

Book 1: Flint: Choosing Sides
Book 2: Flint: Working Girls
Book 3: Flint: Back to the Streets
Book 4: Flint: Resurrection
Book 5: Flint: Back to the Hood
Book 6: Flint: A King is Born
Book 7: Flint: The Finale

Get FLINT: THE FINALE and more urban fiction by Treasure Hernandez.

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