FLINT 4: RESURRECTION by Treasure Hernandez

Malek and Halleigh start out as high-school sweethearts separated by tragic circumstances. Each one was drawn into the criminal underworld in Flint, and they’ve been trying to reconnect and rekindle their love ever since.

In this fourth installment of the bestselling series, Malek has risen to the top of the drug empire after Jamaica Joe’s murder. His rival, Sweets, has left town, so Malek has things under control on both the South Side and North Side. Halleigh has escaped from the clutches of Manolo, her pimp, and she and Malek are reunited. For a while, things are running smoothly, and Halleigh and Malek are like well-respected hood royalty. But can things ever be truly smooth? Not in the city of Flint, where life is hard and trouble is always just around the corner.

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