FALLEN STAR by Debra Clayton

Lyrical genious and self-proclaiming thug, Blayze is the newest rhyme-master to step on to the hip-hop scene. His smooth flow, undeniable good looks and slick lyrics shoot him past the industry’s reigning rap stars as he heads for the number one spot. But his overnight success quickly goes to his head and gives him the illusion that he’s invincible. His delusions of grandeur get him into trouble with the law, but his well-paid attorneys and superstar status have a way of making trouble disappear – until he finds himself accused of rape. He denies any involvement in the attack, but the evidence says otherwise. His thuggish persona and above-the-law attitude don’t help his case much either. Will this overnight celebrity be able to convince a jury of his peers that he is not guilty of the crime he is accused of, or with his flagrant bad-boy image lead to the downfall of a promising career?

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