FAKING IT by Angel M. Hunter

FAKING IT by Angel M. HunterEssence bestselling author Angel M. Hunter is back with emotional story of Layla Simone, a young woman who’s always living her life for others. Layla’s your daughter, your sister, your best friend, and in many ways, she could be you. She’s intelligent, beautiful, talented, but most of all Layla’s faking like it’s all good when it’s not.

She’s tired of living her life for others and waiting on her man to marry her. It’s time for her to take control of her life and do the things she has always wanted to do. The first thing is to relocate to Los Angeles and try to break into the film industry. While there, not only does she befriend a gold digger and a player, but she becomes part of the darker side of Hollywood.

Join Laya on her journey of emotional ups and downs, as she attempts to be the best Layla she can be and create her own identity, separate from the one others have labeled her with.

Faking It is a story of self discovery, becoming yourself, not doing and being what others want you to be… a story of hope and courage.

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