DESPERATE SISTERS by Stephanie Johnson

Desperate SistersLooks can definitely be deceiving, and the lives of these three fabulous sisters, Jalisa O’Neil, Lyda Lawrence and Valen Monet are no exception. From the outside it appears they have it all – expensive fancy homes, nice luxury cars, and money galore. Their men lavish them with all of the finest things money can buy, and a lifestyle that would make anyone envious. The real deal is that these three ladies are beyond frustrated, and desperate for a little satisfaction.

Jalisa’s tired of struggling with a husband who’s more married to the job than to her, and her needs, when he’s not putting in long hours at the offices, he’d rather spend time on the golf course. Lyda’s boyfriend can’t keep it up past one round, but sends their credit card bills through the roof with endless calls to 900 numbers. Valen’s husband believes that a woman’s place is in the home and should only have to answer one question, “Did you get yours?” Fed up with nagging their men to attend to their needs, Jalisa, Lyda and Valen find other things to occupy them. From the AAA man to nosy neighbors, from old flings to young men fresh out of high school, Jalisa, Lyda, and Valen get what they need and then some! Their stories will make most men think twice about neglecting their women.

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