By the Grace of God by Keshia Dawn

By the Grace of God by Keshia DawnBy the Grace of God is a powerful story about betrayal, pain, and the power of God.

When Gracie’s fiancé, Dillian, leaves her one day without even so much as a warning, she is devastated and confused. All she wants is a reason for his abrupt departure. But when Gracie finally learns the answer to her question, it is not at all what she was expecting, and it causes her world to flip upside down.

Even as friends and family try to console her, Gracie is a wreck, falling into despair when she discovers more secrets and lies about Dillian. Gracie starts to wonder about the man she loved and lived for all of these years. As Gracie looks to God for strength, can she find her faith through the thick, dark clouds of pain and tribulation?

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