AT THE COURT’S MERCY by KaShamba Williams

Can you say traffic jam? This is one intersection you DO NOT want to cross!

Just when Nasir thought his problems were ending, he realized they’d hardly begun. His son’s mother, Nakea is ready to straddle the ride to regain custody of their son and is positive that his own mother, Loretta, will help her obtain it! His jump-off, well, she’s not ready to ditch the boat, she’s trying to make it sink! And poor Farren, who is getting the brunt end of the stick. She can’t take much more. Let’s not forget Sonya who can’t seem to leave well enough be. Can’t a man have his cake and eat it too? But what ensues when the cake is baked with poison?

The ceiling is dripping with tainted blood as Nasir’s poor choice in women keeps terrorizing his life. He is left only left At the Court’s Mercy to decide his new direction life and going to prison is not an option.

At the Court’s Mercy is a highly anticipated sequel to Driven.

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