AROUND THE WAY GIRLS by Angel Hunter, LaJill Hunt, and Dwayne S. Joseph

There’s a saying in Brooklyn that if you come from my part of town that you’re from around the way. Well Sydni, Angel, and Cream are all from around the way. They all live in Crown Heights, one of the most notorious sections of Brooklyn, but to them it’s just a place they call home. Around the Way Girls is a fast paced look at the life of three street smart women who think they know it all but are about to get the lessons of their lives.

Angel Santiago has got it going on. She’s young, fine and can get what she wants, whenever she wants it, the way she wants it. That’s because she knows the key to the game. Control – that’s what it’s all about and nobody controls the situation like Angel does. At least not until she meets Frido. He’s everything all the other guys aren’t and while Angel may know the game, Frido’s the one who invented it.

Cream White is the mother of one, caretaker of another and one of the hardest working strippers in Brooklyn. Tired of the game, the ghetto and the hustle, she takes part in a scam that will hopefully provide her with a way out of the hood. Surprisingly, the one who introduced her to the game is the only one who holds the key to getting her out of it. What is a girl to do when she’s busted, disgusted, and entrenched in a world of self-doubt and uncertainty?

All Syndi Johnson wants is to get the hell outta New York. The worst thing her mother could have done was uproot her and the family, and move her from Atlanta to Brooklyn five years ago. Now, her brother is dead, hr sister is out of control, and to make matters worse, her mother is about to marry a man Sydni can’t stand. What’s a sister to do? Make some loot, of course, so she can get the hell out of Brooklyn and go back down south in style. Only, when it’s all said and done she might just be too smart for her own good.

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