AROUND THE WAY GIRLS 4 by Dwayne S. Joseph, LaJill Hunt, and Roy Glenn

There’s a saying that if you come from my part of town, that you’re from around the way. Around the Way Girls 4 is a look at the life of some street-smart women who think they have the world in the palm of their hands, but are about to find out that things aren’t always what they seem.

For talented artist Jovia Grant, life has gone from one extreme to the other. Being raised by a single mother living in a lavish home, her much needed break from home comes when she is accepted into a summer art program where she rediscovers old friends and meets a few new ones. Essence Bestselling Author La Jill Hunt brings the drama in Thug Passion as these two worlds collide and her family discovers she’s been learning more than art.

Once again, Dwayne S. Johnson weaves a dramatic tale of love and betrayal in All for Love. After the turmoil she’d suffered in her twenty years. Rayne is thankful for the safety and companionship given to her by her boo, Love. Unfortunately for Rayne, the drama and heartache are about to come back in her life in a major way, when she finds out she is pregnant with Quincy’s baby.

For Jada West it was All About the Money. From dancing at the best club, to becoming the city’s top Madame, whatever it took to make piles of paper, that’s what she was about. In this tale of power and money, Roy Glenn brings a different flavor to this around the way girl as Jada discovers that in the end, there is something more important than money.

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