David Lincoln was sexy… Tall, dark, handsome, successful, and packin’. He was what every woman wanted – a good-looking brotha with a college degree, no children, no prison record, and not a bad mark on his credit report. Former cop turned writer, David became a phenomenal businessman, handling his business in more ways than one.

Val was sexy, graceful, famous, and rich! A bi-racial ballet dancer from old money and strong Hollywood ties. David had no idea that he would ever choose, or be chosen, to spend the rest of his life with someone like Val. But David soon discovered that Val loved him more than he loved himself, and what more could a man possibly want?

Together David and Val shared a life that was enviable, with money, fame, parties, sex and good times. It’s only until the arrival of David’s ex-girlfriend from back home, the fiercely seductive Patti, that their love was put to the test. David and Val found themselves questioning their lifestyles and each other.

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